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From "Brendan W. McAdams" <>
Subject Re: Axis-SWIG: First Draft Design Goals
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 19:49:34 GMT
Re: Examples. My brain is turned off today.  I was looking for an
'examples' directory and missed the one marked 'samples'.

On 7/28/05, Brendan W. McAdams <> wrote:
> First, yes, based on conversations with dims, I'm aiming to build a
> core SWIG framework, and language bindings around that.
> Obviously, just generating a set of Perl interfaces from SWIG isn't
> enough - I want a robust Object Oriented Perl framework around that so
> that programming to Axis is as painless as using Perl should be.
> Using Axis in Java never feels hacky (Unless you're talking to Perl's
> SOAP::Lite :P) and I wouldn't want using it in Perl to be either.
> But using SWIG at the core rather than Perl-XS means that Python
> bindings of the same tack can be generated (I'm actually learning
> Python in my spare time at the moment, so I'm not as up to speed on it
> as I am with say, Java & Perl).
> So there's a broad overview of what can be aimed for.  *MY* goals at
> the moment are getting some SWIG Stubs and a Perl framework.  I'll
> pitch in Python once we have a stronger Perl model, or once some other
> poor unfortunate sole volunteers to do so.
> For a first draft however, I want to build a basic capable client.  I
> notice however that the Axis C++ distribution doesn't appear to come
> with any examples (unlike the Java version) and I'm wondering if there
> is a generally excepted set of services/tests that can be used to
> 'validate' a SOAP client?
> Otherwise, I'll work to build interfaces to some of the Java examples,
> as our organizational goal here is better Perl interoperability with
> our Java deployments of Axis.
> I'm really soliciting goals, suggestions and input here so feel free
> to fling things at me on this.

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