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From Din%$h <>
Subject Re: Moving Guththila to Axis C++ src tree
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 03:54:36 GMT
Hi All,

On 6/27/05, Samisa Abeysinghe <> wrote:
> " where we tried to reuse code from expat" 
Does this mean that we have a dependency on Expat in Guththila? Please
> clarify.
> (FYI: One of the reasons that we decided to go ahead with Xerces and
> drop Expat was that Xerces was Apache license)

No , It doesn't have any dependency on Expat or Xerces. "Guththila" is 
independent implementation. 

Earlier we tried to use expat for implement encoding support ( reusing expat 
code). but it was not successful. (as I know txpp used expat code). Then I 
implemented encoding support independently. 

By the way I assume that "Guththila" is the name for pull parser
> implementation. :-)

yes, It is :-) 


> Samisa...
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dasarath Weeratunge []
> Sent: Sunday, June 26, 2005 10:34 PM
> To:
> Subject: Moving Guththila to Axis C++ src tree
> Hi,
> How about moving Guththila code into the Axis C++ src tree?
> Dinesh is trying to implement XMLParser interface in XMLParser.h for
> Guththila. At the moment the code that we have in the src tree
> **/xml/tspp/ and **/xml/txpp/ are both old versions of Guththila
> written by Susantha, Damitha and my self.
> Dinesh's code cannot be integrated with either one of these since its a
> different fork of tspp altogether.
> What I propose therefore is that we take off this code and substitute
> Dinesh's code in their place. We can create a new subdirectory
> `guththila'
> at the same level as `xerces' and `expat' under **/xml/ and delete
> old subdirectories `tspp' and `txpp'.
> Dinesh's code builds on tspp code and implements a full StAX parser
> with the exception of DTD's and a few other constructs rarely used in
> Soap processing. It also supports character encoding schemes and comes
> with a set of test cases. The encoding related code in the new code base
> has
> been completely rewritten unlike earlier (see **/xml/txpp/) where we
> tried
> to reuse code from expat. We also improved the tokenizing code and API
> to be in
> line with StAX.
> IMHO cleaning up the src tree would make life easier for us who are
> working on Guththila since then we can directly commit our code to the
> CVS.
> Regards,
> --dasarath

W.Dinesh Premalal

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