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From John Kelly <>
Subject Re: OS and compiler compatibilites
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 22:37:45 GMT

Differences in the compiler used for the product vs. an application should
not normally present a problem
However the one place you can get issues is with name mangling of C++
functions, though I don't think there are issues
between MS VC6 and VC7 on Windows. There ARE mangling issues between fairly
recent versions of gcc on Linux - this is usually solved by generating 2
versions of the product and shipping both, pointing to the "correct" one
using a softlink.

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Hi Folks,

Does any one have any information on what OS's and compilers on those OS's
are upwards compatibile? i.e. if I build using compiler level 'a' what
newer levels of compiler and Os can I build and run my app on?

If you could give me any information on what you are running AXISCPP on
would help i.e. if you are taking a nightly build then you are taking a
build from a win 2003 box running msvc 6.0 - have you got it running
clients built on different OS levels/compilers (we now it runs on winXP and
win2000 using the same compiler anyone tried building their app using a
diff compiler for instance) ?

any help is gratefully appreciated !


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