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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Wrong content type for ?wsdl - mod_axis2.cpp always sets text/html on GET
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 09:05:27 GMT
Hi Rob,
	As you have said, there is no place other than in the mod_axis2.cpp
where "text/html" is hard coded.

I am not sure why content type stuff is commented out in
However, if you want to change it and test for side effects, please send
me over the patch, I could test it out for you.


On Wed, 2005-05-25 at 22:33, Yampolsky, Robert wrote:
> After some patching, I'm able to get axis 1.5 to send out wsdl from the
> wsdls directory.  Only problem is it sends it out as content type
> "text/html", so Firefox tries to display it as HTML (interestingly, IE
> does not - I guess it sees the xml header and uses that to decide to
> display it as xml).
> Anyway, the culprit (I think) is this code snippet from
> src/server/apache2/mod_axis2.cpp:
>     /* for SOAP 1.2 this this should be "application/soap+xml" but keep
> this for
>      * the moment. */
>     req_rec->content_type = (M_POST == req_rec->method_number) ?
>                 "text/xml" : "text/html";
> Looks like if the caller does a POST operation, axis sets the content
> type to xml, otherwise sets it to html.  No special test for a GET on
> service?wsdl.
> The wsdl handling is done out of process_request(), which is called just
> after this code.  Process_request is passed  a pointer to the Transport,
> which is constructed with the pointer to req_rec, so I guess it should
> be able to override the content type from there.
> In fact, I see code in the setTransportProperty method that's supposed
> to let you set the content_type via a pointer to the Transport.  Only
> thing is, this code is commented out.  Also, I don't see any code that
> actually *uses* the content_type value.
> So is the content type in axis output just hard-coded somewhere to
> "text/html"?  If so, I don't see that anywhere either.
> Can anybody explain how this is supposed to work.  Can I fix it by
> re-enabling the set content type stuff, or will that break something
> else?
> R o b   Y a m p o l s k y
> Harris Corporation
> (212) 303 - 4250
Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Virtusa Corporation

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