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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: Axis C++ 1.5 linux build broken
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 19:02:33 GMT
Hmm, I think we've got to make ourselves clearer. with regard to our build 
strategy !

We started out having full support for the autobuild make system however, 
over time, this has been superceded by the ANT build system. We took the 
decision (not very decisively but I think we did !) that we could not keep 
supporting two make systems unless there was a specific reason to do so. 
We do not have  a lot of skills in the autobuild system and we have a lot 
of skills in ANT. 

So, to summarise, I don't think we're calling the autobuild system 
"supported" and I would suggest you build using ANT.

Sorry for the inconvenience !

Simon Detheridge <> 
20/04/2005 15:44
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"Apache AXIS C User List"

Apache AXIS C User List <>

Axis C++ 1.5 linux build broken

When running automake with this release, I get:

samples/server/ required directory
samples/server/interoptests does not exist
samples/server/ required directory samples/server/simple
does not exist
tests/ required directory tests/server does not exist

Which appears to cause (or at least be related to) the following error
during configure:

config.status: creating src/xml/tspp/Makefile
config.status: creating samples/Makefile
config.status: error: cannot find input file: samples/

Building with --enable-samples=no and removing all "samples/" lines from and removing @SAMPLESBUILD@, @TESTCASESBUILD@, and from the main gets around this
problem, (at least it builds, I'm still testing it) but it's far from
ideal. (I can't test my installation beyond seeing if the server starts)

What's up? It seems a bit strange to promote a release from 'alpha'
(which at least configured) to 'final' with these problems... Or am I
doing something *really* wrong? :-/

Simon Detheridge
SEN Developer, Widgit Software

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