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From "sanjaya singharage" <>
Subject Re: services.xml
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 10:40:16 GMT
Please find my answers below.....

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From: "Andrew Perry2" <>
To: "Apache AXIS C Developers List" <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 4:08 PM
Subject: services.xml

> Is the services.xml file still being worked on?
> There are several issues that I wanted to check before raising Jiras.
> 1) Why is the xerces library copied to the Axis/lib directory? Surely it
> only needs to be specified in PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH and not copied to the
> lib directory.

yes, it need not be copied. Better to put it in library path.

> 2) The template files have hard coded paths in such as
> '/home/sanjaya'. It would be better to use a token in the template files
> and substitute the token when the actual server.wsdd is created.

The problem is that the server.wsdd.PLATFORM is not generated from ant. I
responded earlier to a similar question. The trouble here is that I was
unable to get the allowed methods (also wsdl service name) to ant since it
is only available through wsdls2ws. I tried to use the deploy.wsdd generated
with the code as an ant properties file but could not find a way to iterate
throught the parameter elements (since there are multiple elements with the
same name) to get their values. If you can somehow generate the
server.wsdd.PLATFORM files that would be great!

May be I got your point wrong? Are you suggesting that an external subset be
generated with the relevant path name and then that included in the
server.wsdd.PLATFORM? I tried to do this as well but it wasn't working for
some reason. still great if you can this even.

> 3) The axiscpp_mod is not copied/deployed to the apache modules directory.
> It is fine for the Apache config to be static, but as the axiscpp_mod
> libraries are created as part of the build would it not be prudent to copy
> it apache modules directory. I know this file changes infrequently but if
> it does then having it as a manual step may cause problems.
Yes, this should be done.

> If no work is currently being done on this then I shall raise a jira and I
> am happy to do the work to implement the above changes.

Currently we are using the services.xml to deploy our services. Since we are
in the middle of a release we'd like to keep it functional. But if you can
do these changes and make sure it doesn't break I guess it would be ok. It
should anyway be ok after the 1.5 release to do these changes.

> Regards,
> Andrew Perry
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