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From "Samisa Abeysinghe" <>
Subject RE: Automating server side test implimentation
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2005 10:04:10 GMT
Hi Andrew,
	Thank you for the prompt response.

	Well it looks like too many changes if we change port type.
Hence I would not change it.

	It would be great if we could get rid of the duplicate WSDLs in
the test folder. But as the ant based auto test framework for client
uses the WSDL name, I am not sure if it is possible.

	BTW, script based tests are no more used as the scripts are not
up to date.

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From: Andrew Perry2 [] 
Sent: Friday, March 04, 2005 3:40 PM
Cc: Apache AXIS C User List
Subject: Re: Automating server side test implimentation

The changing of the portType name in the WSDL will, as you want, change
names of the generated stubs.

This will effect the following files for each test using the changed

1) Test client code will need to be changed to use the new stub name
2) Expected request files may need to be changed if endpoint changes
3) Ant test properties files may need to change if endpoint changes
4) Ant test properties files may need to change for handler tests if
soapAction is also updated in handler

This will be a large change. Currently 41 tests are based around the
CalculatorDoc wsdl

16 tests use the InteropTestRound1 WSDL, though there are 16 copies of
in the wsdls directory. If the Ant test framework is used then these
duplicate WSDLs can be removed. Several other WSDLs can be replaced.
MathOps.wsdl is almost identical to FaultMapping.wsdl which is the same
ExceptionTest.wsdl. These 3 WSDLs can be replaced by 1. The same is true
for the Doc versions of the WSDLs. The MathOps test can either be
or use the FaultMapping WSDL.

If the script based test framework is no longer used then all these
duplicate WSDLs can be removed/merged so there will only be 1 version of
WSDL in the wsdls directory. I feel that this will be a much smaller
than renaming the portType in each of the effected WSDLs as only the
name will need to be updated in the Ant test properties file. Is the
based test framework still used?

Also more tests are coming soon so, some of them based on the existing
WSDLs so I would prefer if any changes are made that the changes be
a few weeks.


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Simply put,

If we change the PortType name in the test WSDL file, would that have
an impact on the current ant based client test framework.

We would like the PortType to be the same as the name of the WSDL
file, so that we have unique names to the services in the test


On Fri, 4 Mar 2005 10:15:12 +0600, Chinthana C. Dinapala
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are trying to automated the server side to test case, which will
> test client with the sever side.
> But we have problem here several test will generate same file in auto
> generated skeleton.
> E.g. MathOps.cpp use by FaultMapping.wsdl, FaultMappingDoc.wsdl,
> IT is the same contents all in these files but, as in client we are
> searching client file by WSDL file name.
> Here we can't search from WSDL file type if they have same name in
> We can rename port type and get the unique file name to each WSDL.
> But if clients use the server port types it will be problem.
> Does anyone have idea on this?
> Thanks
> Chinthana Dinapala
> Associate Software Engineer
> Virtusa Corp.
> 16th Floor, West Tower
> World Trade Center
> Colombo 01
> Creating competitive advantage

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