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From "David Richards" <>
Subject WSDL2ws problems
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2005 17:08:15 GMT
Hello all,

I have been developing a web service (and lcient) around the oBIX specification (
and am having trouble with the WSDL2ws tool.  I have run into several of the defects already
listed as well as some that are not listed.  Some new ones:

1) No handling of xsd:language primitive type.
2) Incorrect handling of <choice> construct in some contexts.
3) Incorrect handling of dateTime as an output parameter (related to already-reported defects)
4) Array output parameters different, and both incorrect, in generated header and cpp files.

As I looked at trying to fix the problems, I think AXISCPP-540 (Refactor the WSDL tool code
further - there is too much duplication) is a must.  There appears to be a LOT of cut-and-pasted
code.  Anyone out there already working on this tool?  I have looked at the code and will
take a shot at some of the defects if there isn't already someone working on it.  I've already
put xsd:language handling into my local version and have eliminated a bunch of duplicate code.

I need some advice, however, on where some of the common code should go.  For example, what
is the design intent of WrapperUtils amd CUtils?  Is there a design doc for this tool?  The
little blurb in the WSDL2ws user manual is not very useful.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Dave RIchards
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