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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: Problem with operation name in cpp doc lit
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 12:54:57 GMT
Hi Carsten,

I'm confused.

The fix was put in because otherwise the service is not called correctly. 
So, how come you're saying that unit tests are failing? Is this not the 
case that the unit tests are wrong?
When the fix is in, both the originating issue is fixed and the current 
doc/lit regression tests all work.

Can you help me see how this is bad ?


"Carsten Blecken" <> 
14/02/2005 05:09
Please respond to
"Apache AXIS C Developers List"


Problem with operation name in cpp doc lit

there has been recently a change to the cpp doc lit code generator which 
sets the operation 
name to the actual operation name 
Problem with that is the operation name is being serialized, resulting in 
incorrect doc lit wire representation so multiple unit tests are failing. 
The current implementation 
is using for doc lit the root element of the wsdl part as operation name 
due to RPC implemented first), but this should be just a workaround. 
I think it would be best to tackle this together with changing the Client 
API having 
to pass in the root element directly (an not having a dummy operation 
element in the 
xsd, i.e. a quasi 'wrapped' approach), but a change to the Client API is 
IMO not 
a good idea for 1.5 any more. 
So I wanted to roll back that change for now, file a JIRA bug  and in the 
1.6 time frame we can 
tackle this. 

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