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From John Hawkins <>
Subject RE: 1.5 release dates
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2005 11:33:18 GMT
OK, I need to do a  little more than that. 
I'm going to stop building the Apache 2 module on AIX it's screwing up on 
some include or other and we haven't the time to fix it. I'm guessing no 
one is using it so I see no issues.

John Hawkins

"Farhaan Mohideen" <> 
26/01/2005 11:21
Please respond to
"Apache AXIS C Developers List"

"'Apache AXIS C Developers List'" <>

RE: 1.5 release dates

We will comment out the attachment code. Hope that would be okay ?

From: John Hawkins [] 
Sent: 26 January 2005 16:49
To: Apache AXIS C Developers List
Subject: RE: 1.5 release dates


when you say we''re not putting in attachments - is there any chance 
someone can remove them from the codebase because they're giving us major 
headaches on AIX - ie.. we're still not building? 

John Hawkins

"Farhaan Mohideen" <> 
26/01/2005 10:40 

Please respond to
"Apache AXIS C Developers List"

"'Apache AXIS C Developers List'" <> 
RE: 1.5 release dates


Hi All 
Two days (Thursday and Friday) for the 28th release will not be feasible. 
According to our previous release experiences it has always taken us 
atleast three working days to get a release out. Therefore Alpha would be 
released on Monday the 31st . 
Having the beta on 11th looks too soon. Why don?t we shoot for a final 
release on the 22nd as stated without a beta if there is no opposition 
from the rest ? 
LSF will not be releasing WS-Attachments for 1.5 as we see that IBM would 
not have anytime to work on testing and fixing issues that appear on AIX. 
We have the auto build and test server configured only for the Windows and 
Linux environments. 
By the way do we have any test classes for ?C?  ? If you do can you please 
check them in ASAP. We happened to notice some C++ test files in the 
tests\auto-build\testcases\server\cpp that are empty. Is there are reason 
for this ?         
On behalf of Sanjaya 

From: John Hawkins [] 
Sent: 25 January 2005 17:43
Subject: 1.5 release dates 
Hi, my thoughts on release dates.... 
Release [1.5] 
1.        Alpha - 28th January 2005 
2.        Beta - 11th Feb 
3.        Final - 21st Feb. This is because I believe Sri Lanka has a 
holiday last wk of Feb. I would prefer Feb 28th. and delay beta until 15th 

John Hawkins

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