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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: Axis c++ 1.5 release plan (draft 2)
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 11:06:57 GMT
+1 for you being release mgr - well done again for doing it :-)

re web-site. I was under the impression that LSF were going to do this 
stuff and we didn't quite get around to it. So, I think we can stall that 
until next release.

I also don't think we changed the fault mapping support. This still might 
get done but not sure. we had long debates on the mailng list but no 

John Hawkins

"sanjaya singharage" <> 
19/01/2005 10:41
Please respond to
"Apache AXIS C Developers List"

"Apache AXIS C Developers List" <>

Re: Axis c++ 1.5 release plan (draft 2)

(Second draft of the release plan.)
Hi all,
I would like to volunteer to be the release manager for the Axis C++ 1.5

A draft Release Plan is presented below using the current items found in 
the wiki at . 
Please update the wiki of any more items that are applicable to the 1.5 
release that developers are working on.
Also we need to decide on dates for code freeze etc. and release dates at 
the bottom.
Please comment.

This is the release plan (draft) for Axis C++ version 1.5. Given below is 
a snapshot
of all the changes for 1.5 since the 1.4 version.

 Changes from 1.4 to 1.5:

1.      C support - 
2.      Memory clean-up and fix - 
3.      Improve HTTP Support - 
4.      Improvement of Web Site 
a.Web-site should be made more or less like Axis-Java website for ease of 
b.More user oriented and less developer oriented 
5.      Fault mapping (stub level) 
6.      Add support for xsd:any type 
7.      Ability to add custom headers 
8.      "100 Continue" support in axis2 transport 
9.      Proxy support for axis2 transport 
10.     Numerous memory leak fixes 

Details on these features could be found on JIRA and the AxisCpp TODO wiki 
page at

 Release Criteria:

     - Functional tests pass
     - Test on installation procedures
     - Test on different versions of Apache web server(1.3.xx, 2.0.xx)
     - Test samples on different platforms (Linux, Microsoft Windows)
     - Fix  blockers and most critical bugs that applies to 1.4


 The following are the proposed dates for the release, opinions please:
     Code freeze                      January 25, 2005 ??
     Release alpha version        January 28, 2005 ??
     Release beta version         ??
     Release 1.4                      February 28, 2005 ??


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