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From "Lilantha Darshana" <>
Subject Proposal - release versioning and branching model.
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 21:11:55 GMT
Hi All,

I was thinking about the maturity scale of the Axis C++ compare to axis java and others.
It seems like we move very fast in our release versioning and does not make much 
progress on the maturity scale of the project. Now we are going to release version 1.5. 
However, compare to axis java we are far behind in features, stability etc. in contrast 
axis java is in its 1.2RC yet. Where it has released it 1.1 on June 16, 2003, and has 
taken more than 1.5 years for releasing 1.2. (same goes with 1.0)

Of cause, axis java is in its 3rd phase since IBM originally hand over it to apache
and it has comes a very long way. I hope c++ version of axis can get
all the experiences java version under went and can start from there to grow.
i.e. learn from experiences.

Concerning these things, I would propose of having a process on release versioning.
We can learn from other projects how they do it. For an example Jakarta-commons
release versioning scheme . 
and version numbering
Where defect fixes and minor changes we release with 'Point' releases and minor enhancement
go in Minor versions. API changes, architectural changes go in Major versions.
These enhancements should be categorized and finalized in each version depends on the 
priority and feasibility. 

Further to this there should a proper process of selecting cvs branches for each releases.


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