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From damitha kumarage <>
Subject Re: ant build documentation
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 11:34:09 GMT
Here comes further suggestions.
The build should facilitate breaddown builds
ie. If I want to build just wsdl2ws tool then I would like to have
ant compileWSDL2Ws
If I want to build only the server
ant compileServer etc
It is difficult to change property files all the time when you we want
to do it.

I just make this work by adding dummy targets like this

<target name="buildWSDL2Ws" depends="initialize, compileWSDL2Ws"/>

If everybody agree I can commit this


On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 14:30, Adrian Dick wrote:
> _______________________________________
> Adrian Dick (
> damitha kumarage <> wrote on 07/01/2005 08:05:39:
> > Hi,
> > I went through the documentation on ant build and I have following two
> > remarks
> >
> > in the html documentation it ask to set
> > AXISJAVA_LIBS. But in the build files it is searching AXISJAVA_LIB

> This was a mistake I put when originally writing these instruction, I
> thought I'd corrected it, but obviously not.  Are you able to make the
> correction?
> > It ask to set XERCES_HOME. But I suggest to have it as XERCESC_HOME
> > because we know possibly XERCESJ_HOME could exist in the same system.
> I'm very surprised that there would be a XERCESJ_HOME set.  It is very
> uncommon for Java programs to use environment variables (aside from
> CLASSPATH).  This variable has been in place for ~4months now and I've not
> received any comments of a clash, or confusion, so I question whether it is
> worth adjusting the scripts for little obvious benefit.
if it is a little change it may worth


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