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From Steve Hardy <>
Subject Nested Arrays
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 15:12:50 GMT
I was looking at nested arrays in complexTypes, but I think it is going to
be quite hard to get the serializer / deserializer to work correctly with
nested arrays, am I right?

The problems is that there is now a


But when the Array is an Array of Arrays, there are no serialize,
deserialize, etc function to pass.

Probably the only way to fix this would be to either treat Arrays as
Complex objects (ie remove addCmplxArrayParameter and
addBasicArrayParameter, and add generated serialize / deserialize
routines for arrays from WSDL2ws), or have an 'addArrayArrayParameter' but
that would only fix things for 1 level of nesting ...

I think this sounds like everything would need a rather large overhaul
to support nested Arrays ... ? Ideas ? Or is this something that was never
supposed to be supported ? The basic structure of m_pCall is not much
suited to nested arrays ...

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