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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: platform support: internationalization and EBCDIC vs ASCII
Date Wed, 22 Dec 2004 10:45:00 GMT

Which String literals are we talking about here please?

John Hawkins

Susantha Kumara <> wrote on 22/12/2004 10:34:30:

> Nadir Amra wrote:
> >Correct me if I am wrong....and sorry for the long note but it is
> >necessary.
> >
> >The AXIS code has a restriction that the locale of the process must be
> >UTF-8 assumes everything is in UTF-8.  Thus the code works specifically
> >processes where the locale is set to UTF-8 or to a single byte ASCII
> >character set such as the Latin-1 locales, since the character set is a
> >subset of UTF-8).  For those locales that are not single byte or UTF-8,
> >code does not work so well.  Obviously the code does not work on
> >EBCDIC-based systems such as OS/400.
> >
> >I need this restriction removed in version 1.5.
> >
> >
> >
> +1
> >To remove the restriction, the code needs to be sensitive to the locale
> >the process that the client is running in and assume any data received
> >from the client that is to be passed to a web service is in the
> >set of the locale, and thus needs to be converted to UTF-8.  Similarly,
> >any data received from the web service needs to be converted to the
> >character set of the running process, since the various C-runtime string

> >functions are dependent on the locale of the process in order for the
> >functions to work properly.
> >
> >The XML parsers can handle the data coming in from the Web service no
> >matter what the encoding, and there is no problem on that side of
> >I am assuming the data obtained by the XML parser is being transcoded to

> >UTF-8.
> >
> >In addition, there are hard-code literal strings that is assumed to be
> >ASCII.  This would also need to be changed.
> >
> >I plan spending a lot of time in the next 4 weeks to get the
> >infrastructure built into the code to allow the code to run on OS/400.
> >Hopefully, the work I put in can easily be extended to other platforms
> >that if someone wanted to run in a Japanese locale, it would work with
> >minor changes.
> >
> >My thoughts are that a user can indicate whether transcoding should be
> >enabled via a configuration property in the property file.  When that
> >happens, the code will create transcoders to convert data from the
> >of the process to UTF-8 and from UTF-8 to the locale of the process.  I
> >still have to investigate if it is possible to use the XML parser
> >transcoders, or even if that is possible.  I am looking for direction
> >you all to see how what a good implementation would be and where in the
> >code do you think this support would need to be added.
> >
> >As far as the literal strings that should be in Latin-1 character set,
> >this is easily worked around by putting the string in a buffer and
> >converted using the PLATFORM_STRTOASC() macro (currently in each
> >PlatformSpecificXXXX.hpp file).  For ASCII-based systems, these macros
> >identity macros.  In addition, if data in a buffer is known to be in the

> >latin-1 character set and needs to be converted to the character set of
> >the process, PLATFORM_ASCTOSTR() can be used.  Again, for ASCII-based
> >systems,  these macros are identity macros.  I plan on doing this as a
> >first stage, which should be a benign change.
> >
> >What are your thoughts?
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> Two thoughts come in to my mind,
> 1. We have only one Axis build (no different builds for each locale). We
> decide the locale at runtime (depending on configuration file settings)
> and we do this transcoding at the parser level using parser's
> capabilities. But if we do this how do we handle the hard coded string
> literals (we cannot convert those string literals at runtime. can we ?).
> One way to handle these string literals in this case is by converting
> those string literals from ascii to runtime locale at the startup of
> Axis (probably inside initialize function).
> 2. The alternate solution is to build Axis with different locales and
> installer decides which one to install (we can have utf-8 to be the
> default). I think this way the Axis performance is not affected as there
> is no runtime transcoding (other than in the parser layer).
> Regards,
> Susantha.

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