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From Fred Preston <>
Subject RE: Problems with Axis2Transport & SecureChannel that need to be fixed before releasing 1.4
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 17:04:54 GMT

Hi All,
      I finally got the SSL DLL working!  The problems boiled down to a
couple of lines of code.  The main one was in Call.cpp in openConnection
where the code was attempting to set an Endpoint URI before it had loaded
the DLL.  The other problem was in Axis2Transport when setting the DLL
name.  There is an 'if' that surrounds the initialisation of the secure
channel that would only work if the channel was already secure.  By
changing this to if( m_pFactory) the initialisation code was called and
then everything works correctly.  I will re-check my fixes to against
today's CVS extract to ensure that these where the only changes I ended up
making, but I still can't see why this works on Linux, but did not work for
me on Windows!

Best regards,

Fred Preston.

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                                               Subject:  RE: Problems with Axis2Transport
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Hi Farhaan,

Our perspective is that we don't mind if your SSl impl works or not  ;-)

It's just that the impl that is there today breaks ours. We're not quite
sure how yet - Fred is still investigating.

I guess it's up to you guys whether you want to fix your SSL for this
release. But I would like to get our version working.

We use the API discussed previously so as long as this is adhered to and
not broken by the Opensource impl then we should be fine. We'll keep you
updated on when ours is working.

thanks for your time here,

John Hawkins

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             Please respond to         RE: Problems with Axis2Transport &
              "Apache AXIS C           SecureChannel that need to be fixed
             Developers List"          before releasing 1.4

Hi Fred;

You have made it clear that you do not want the release to go ahead until
the issues with the SSL implementation is solved. Damitha is currently
looking into the issue and will respond.

Guys, it looks like we are holding the release till this is solved. Any
opinions / soltuions ?


-----Original Message-----
From: Fred Preston []
Sent: 10 December 2004 16:42
To: Apache AXIS C Developers List
Subject: Problems with Axis2Transport & SecureChannel that need to be fixed
before releasing 1.4

Hi All,
      Further to my e-mail yesterday.  Can someone tell me why
SecureChannel fails when I pass it a URI that begins with "HTTPS" (as
opposed to the more usual "HTTP")?  I thought that the SSL implementation
(or at least the framework) was to be in place before the release of 1.4.
I have been telling customers that there will be a framework that supports
SSL in 1.4 and all you have to do is change your URI and call SetSecure()
with a couple of parameters and add the SSL DLL name to the config file.
When I tried to do this in my client application yesterday, it threw a null
pointer exception!  Under further investigation I find that this is because
the ChannelFactory::m_create object is null.  This object is only created
when ChannelFactory::initialize(DLLName) is called and it never is!  So
there are multiple problems with the current implementation of SSL that
need to be fixed before we can say we have completed 1.4.  These are:-

   Read the SSL DLL name from the config file.
   Call ChannelFactory::initialize() with the DLL name.
   Add more checking into Axis2Transport so that if
   ChannelFactory::getSecureChannelObject() returns a NULL it is handled
   Create a stub template DLL that can be loaded by the channel factory to
   demonstrate how the user creates their own SSL DLL implementation.


Fred Preston.

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                      Fred Preston

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Developers List" <>
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                                               From:     Fred
                                               Subject:  Axis2Transport &

Hi All,
      Does anyone know what the status of the work that was being done for
SSL in Axis2Transport?  I've just tried to use a secure channel and the
code fails because m_pCall->initialize() fails (when are we going to sort
out the WSDL2WS for that line, it is so messy!) because openConnection
fails (do we need the secure flag now?) because
m_pTransport->setEndpointUri() fails because m_pFactory->getSecureObject()
fails because m_create is 0x00000000!  Now that
m_pFactory->getSecureObject() returns a pointer to a DLL that has been
previously loaded (by what method, where is that called?) should there not
be some testing done to see if the pointer returned by this method is not
null before trying to use it???!!!  What is going on?


Fred Preston.

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