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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: PDF's on web-site.
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 16:19:58 GMT

I've been told offline that this was discussed, at some level, and that it
was mentioned that we would update the PDF's post 1.4 alpha?

My question is, in that case, how do I update the site with my changes
using Forrest? When I run Forrset against the docs directory it just laughs
at me because we don't have the correct Forrest structure setup in CVS? Do
we use Forrest to create our site?

John Hawkins

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Hi Folks,

As I was "practicing" getting to grips with the web-site and (yet another)
tool (Forrest)  I noticed that the PDF's for, at least some of, the pages
are out of date.
I've asked this question before after a user commented on it and got no
feedback however, I'll ask again....

Are we going to maintain the PDF's or just get rid of them? I see the point
in some PDF's but not all of them, however, I get the impression that
Forrest needs to create all of them?

Do we all use Forrest -or do people just update the site manually without

thanks for the update,

John Hawkins

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