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From Susantha Kumara <>
Subject Re: WSDDService in IMessageData Interface
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 04:25:11 GMT
Andrew Perry2 wrote:

>There are 2 public APIs in the IMessageData interface, getService() and
>setService(), which use the WSDDService object. There is no public header
>for the WSDDService so no methods can be called on the retrieved service
>object and no new service object can be created. This means that all a
>handler can do is get a service and set the same service without altering
>it in any way.
>My question is should these APIs be included in the interface? Or should
>there be a public header to allow access to the WSDDService object? Are
>there any usage scenarios as to why a WSDDService object should/could be
>used in a handler?
>Andrew Perry
>IBM C/C++ Web Services Client
>Mail Point 127
>IBM UK Laboratories. Hursley Park, Winchester, Hants. SO21 2JN
>Tel. Internal 249828  External + 44 (0)1962 819828
>Fax. + 44(0)1962 818080
Hi Andrew,

My openion is that we should remove these 2 functions from IMessageData 
interface (at least temporarily untill the real need arises). These 
functions are not yet used anywhere in the codebase. So we can safely 
remove them. And I think functions like following might be needed in the 

void setServiceProperty(const char* propName, void* propValue);
void* getServiceProperty(const char* propName);



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