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From Toshiyuki Kimura <>
Subject Re: ATTN: New Axis User Group for Japanese started!
Date Sat, 25 Dec 2004 05:07:54 GMT
Hi John,

Thank you for your comments. Please see my responses inline.

On Fri, 24 Dec 2004, John Hawkins wrote:

> Could someone tell me what having a japanese Axis means
> please? If I look on the website if looks the same. I
> guess the code stays the same it's a user group not a dev
> group.

   The Japanese community has just been launched as a family
of Axis User Group. It's just a Japanese-specific community
to basically discuss the user-level issues of existing Axis
(English version) in Japanese. So, we don't have a Japanese
version of Axis at this time, we hope to have it in the near
future though.

> So, should I be looking on the jp mailing list too for new
> issues or will they all come via the main lists?

   We also have a plan to do an information exchange service
between the main lists (English) and the Japanese community
when any meaningful discussion comes up.  For this reason,
you don't have to subscribe the jp mailing list at all times.

   However, we'd like to welcome you (and anyone) who can
understand Japanese. In particular, an Axis C++ committer(or
a developer) will be well-received by the community, because
only one Axis committer (me) is active on it now.

> btw: I note that the jp web link to Axis C wiki is out of
> date so there must be some mirroring somewhere that isn't
> working ?

   Thanks for the report. I'll briefly change the link to
'' later.

Toshi <>

> Toshiyuki Kimura <> wrote on 24/12/2004 02:58:53:
>> Hello folks,
>>    My apologies for the cross-posting, again ...
>>    On the Japanese Axis Community, we have a plan to do localization
>> (i.e. Japanization) and i18n of Axis.
>>    In consultation with dims, the contributions from the community
>> will be applied to existing repository for now.  That is, some of
>> CVS commit messages include Japanese characters what you may not
>> be able to understand.
>>    Please let me know if you have any problems. In such case, we'll
>> take care of it asap.
>> Thanks,
>> Toshi <>
>> On Fri, 17 Dec 2004, Toshiyuki Kimura wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Apologies for the cross-posting. But, I think all lists are
>>> connected to this announcement.
>>> # You might have the same mail twice due to our server down.
>>> I'd like to introduce the Japanese Axis Community as a new
>>> Axis User Group. It has just been launched officially on
>>> the Apache WS domain through formal contact. (i.e. with an
>>> approval of the WS PMC.)
>>>  [Site]
>>>  [List]
>>> NOTE: These resources are both in Japanese. Sorry.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Toshi <>

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