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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: Problems with Axis2Transport & SecureChannel that need to be fixed before releasing 1.4
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 16:40:21 GMT
"John Hawkins" <> writes:
> Our perspective is that we don't mind if your SSl impl works or not  ;-)

With all due respect I don't find this attitude very heartening
towards the success of this project. As an Axis/C++ developer
the quality of the open source release should be *very* important
to you. If you stop caring about that then you might as well fork 
the code and do everything internally. 

> It's just that the impl that is there today breaks ours. We're not quite
> sure how yet - Fred is still investigating.

Well that's certainly not good. However, I'd be equally concerned
(or in fact more concerned) that the free, open source version has
a problem (or problems). I'll bet that for every one of your 
customers there will be 10 who will try the free version! 

> I guess it's up to you guys whether you want to fix your SSL for this
> release. But I would like to get our version working.

I'd like to see both working before this version is released.

I'm hereby -1'ing this release until the open source SSL version is
working (too).


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