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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: Transport test tool
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 13:15:43 GMT

Yes I put my tool into CVS already under


There is readme in there etc.

is your tool written in Java - I would advise it as we move onto many

I'm happy if you overwrite my tool with yours (as long as it's in Java ;-)

John Hawkins

             <damitha@opensour                                          To 
             29/11/2004 13:04                                              
                                       Transport test tool                 
             Please respond to                                             
              "Apache AXIS C                                               
             Developers List"                                              

I have written a small testing tool for axis2 transport. This is very
for me in my work on mime attachment support.
I have a small server which listen on a specified port and it just accept
request(soap or not). On receivin the request it send back a message read
a file.
my small client can send any message read from a file to any server with a
specified port and receive the reply back and just display it on the

So basically this test client can be used to test a soap server with
arbitrarily modified soap messages. On the other hand my test server can be
used to test a soap client on the receiving end. That is I can arbitraily
modify the response message and test with the client

I remember John Howkins talked about a similar tool. But I can't remember
exactly what it does. Where should we put this kind of tools in the code
Should we create a utils folder under Axis c++ root folder and put them?

I also created a testcase for Axis2Transport's getBytes method. Basically
creates a transport, set url, call the getBytes method with arbitrary size
buffer witht a pointer to buffer size in a loop and accumulate the received
message and display it. This I use with the test server I mentioned
that I don't worry about the reqeust path


Damitha Kumarage
hSenid Software International (PVT) Ltd

Lanka Software Foundation (

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