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From nithyakala <>
Subject Processing MIME encoded message in server side - WS -Attachments
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 06:45:54 GMT
Hi all,

When the server side transport (Apache Server) receives incoming
message, it passes the control to the ServerAxisEngine then it sets the
stream (via the SoapTransport pointer) to the deserializer.

This will set the incoming stream (via the SoapTransport pointer) to the
parser object to parse it. 

This is OK if the incoming HTTP message is having only a SOAP message in
it, because what the parser gets is only the SOAP part.

But if it receives a MIME encoded message, then apache gives not only
the SOAP part but all including mime headers, mime boundary sections

When the SOAP Parser request for data (via the getBytes() method of the
SoapTransport pointer), (the parser gets all the above). The processing
at Server side fails at the parser level due to this reason.

So it seems like we have to extract and separate only the SOAP part out
of above and hand it over to the Parser, to tackle this situation. Any

In our investigation we found that apache hands over the attachment
section also to the AxisServer via the stream. So it seems the
AxisServer also can have access to the attachment section directly. 

Where does mod_mime gets involved in this process??? 

Any one has any idea about this?

Is there any other way to get access to the MIME sections other than
this way... may be by a direct call to one of the apache modules (eg to
mod_mime) ?

Please give your ideas.

Thanks to Roshan for his great help on investigating and giving us his
valuable ideas.

Rangika & Nithya

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