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From Mark Whitlock <>
Subject 2 problems with Attributes and Stubs
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 14:38:45 GMT

A couple of problems with Attributes and Stubs....

Stub::setSOAPMethodAttribute(const AxisChar* pLocalName, const AxisChar*
pPrefix, const AxisChar* pValue) looks to see if an attribute of that
localName already exists, and if so, deletes it first before creating the
new Attribute. But setSOAPMethodAttribute(const AxisChar* pLocalName, const
AxisChar* pPrefix, const AxisChar* pUri, const AxisChar* pValue) doesn't
look for duplicate localNames before it creates the new Attribute. This
looks like a bug. I can fix it but I'm not familiar with this area of the
code so I'm not sure whether it's deliberate. Anyone know? Otherwise I'll
assume it's a bug and fix it.

Currently it is up to the client application to delete the Attributes that
it created using Stub::setSOAPMethodAttribute, because the application may
want to reuse these Attributes on another Stub. But there is no
Stub::setSOAPMethodAttribute(IAttribute *pAttribute), so reusing an
Attribute is impossible. Also deleting these Attributes is awkward since
there is no method that deletes all the Attributes. So I propose deleting
all Attributes in ~Stub.

Unless anyone disagrees, I will raise a JIRA and fix it in 1.4 as I
Mark Whitlock

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