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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re: 1.3 Bug fix branch
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 12:24:09 GMT

With the introduction of nightly builds is this necessary?
We've always taken the view that we don't support previous releases i.e.
the current release and that users must take a fresh cut with new features

I think this is still a maturing product and that the statement probably
still holds. Perhaps when we have less churn in the code we should support
the previous release more?

John Hawkins

             Samisa Abeysinghe                                             
   >                                               To 
             28/10/2004 13:11                                           cc 
             Please respond to         1.3 Bug fix branch                  
              "Apache AXIS C                                               
             Developers List"                                              

Hi All,
   I have been fixing few bugs, one related to C support and another to new
transport, that is
there in 1.3 final and commited to CVS head.
   However users would not be able to use them effectively with current CVS
as there are major
changes going on, with headers etc.
   I guess it would be useful to have a bug fix branch for 1.3 in case
users need critical fixes
and do a 1.3.1 release later on till 1.5 comes up with C support.

    However, are we willing to bare the burden of maintaining 2 branches?
    Thoughts please.


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