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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: changes
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 01:52:39 GMT

--- Valentin Kuznetsov <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'd like to add a few changes.
> 1) Remove hardcoded /usr/local/lib on UNIX platforms
> and leave etc to be defined at
> run time by LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

I hope you mean values hard coded in src/common/AxisConfig.cpp.
Actually these are not really hard coded valies, rather default values to be used, in case
one has
not specified parser/transport lib locations and client/server log locations.
(It is not /usr/local/lib, rahter /usr/local/axiscpp_deploy/lib or /usr/local/axiscpp_deploy/log
with /usr/local/axiscpp_deploy being the assumed default Axis C++ deployment folder)

The parser, transport abstraction layers load the libs dynamically and thus the conf file
say what lib to load.

However, I agree that, if we give only the lib name (instead of full path to lib) to dlopen()
have that lib on LD_LIBRATY_PATH that would work.

Anyway with the current model too, the user have enough flexibility with axiscpp.conf, I guess.
(as an exmple rather than copying or to
whenever you wish to change the parser lib you can edit the axiscpp.conf and switch parsers
- the
same applies to the transport layer.)

> 2) Add namespace around all enums. I found that Axis
> conflicts with other software we use who also have
> enum with CRITICAL, INFO, WARN keywords. If we'll wrap
> those enum in axis into axis specific namespace all
> existing and potential future problems will go away.



> Any objections?
> Valentin.
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