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From "sanjaya singharage" <>
Subject Re: changes
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 10:41:11 GMT
I took up the task of adding a prefix to  AXIS_SEVERITY_LEVEL but did not
continue because the transport project would not compile with
ENABLE_AXISTRACE turned on. This issue would be still there with the new
transport. Please read the bugs 172 and 162.


> Simply putting namespaces around these enums would break C applications,
> since C does not support namespaces. I agree this is the right solution
> C++. For C, it would be good to prefix all enums with AXIS_. I don't think
> AXIS_SEVERITY_LEVEL needs to be externalised anyway, since it is only used
> by trace and AxisTrace.h is not external. There is also a problem with
> externalised #defines like XML_Ch and SOAPACTIONHEADER which could also
> clash.
> So I propose move AXIS_SEVERITY_LEVEL to AxisTrace.h, for C++ put
> namespaces around all enums, for C prefix all enums with AXIS_, and for
> *both* C and C++ prefix all #defines with AXIS_.
> Unfortunately this will require applications changing, WSDL2WS changes and
> stubs being regenerated when users move to 1.3. Is this critical for 1.3
> should we just move AXIS_SEVERITY_LEVEL to AxisTrace.h in 1.3 and fix it
> all properly for 1.4?
> I have raised JIRA AXISCPP-202 to track this problem.
> Mark
> Mark Whitlock

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