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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Removal of prefix from HeaderBlock
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 03:22:27 GMT
--- Adrian Dick <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Having just moved up to the 1.2 release of the Axis C++ code, we've found
> that it is no longer possible to specify a prefix on HeaderBlocks.  This
> causes us significant problem, as the backend server (not an Axis C++
> server) expects the HeaderBlocks to be of a specific prefix - not the one
> generated during serialization.
> We are currently using the following 2 methods of adding SOAPHeaderBlocks
>    From within the stub
>    stub->createSOAPHeaderBlock
>    From within a handler
>    IHandlerSoapSerializer->createHeaderBlock
> For both methods it was previously possible to assign a prefix to the
> HeaderBlock either during construction or through the setPrefix method.
> Why have the methods to assign a prefix been removed from HeaderBlock, and
> in turn the createSOAPHeader methods in Call and Stub?
> The only comment I can see on this change is in HeaderBlock.cpp in the
> commented out setPrefix method:
>    The prefix should be decided by the Serializer at runtime
> Surely, this is wrong! It should be decided by the Serializer at runtime,
> only if one has not been specified.

Sounds like the prefix is required as a parameter.
Is it possible to add the older api back to the code?

One idea; As more people are trying to use Axis C++ project, it is not a good idea to drop
calls all the sudden, even if they have problems. 
Rahter Axis C++ team need to adopt a 'deprecate' methodology where older APIs are phased out
However, in this case it is not a problem of phasing out; rhather keeping it to make the API
flexible enough for developers.


> As this is affecting us now, we would appreciate a speedy response.
> Thanks,
> Adrian
> _______________________________________
> Adrian Dick (

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