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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Implementation of SOAPTransport interface using LibWWW for client
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 11:27:37 GMT

Hi All,

I developed a transport module for clients using the trasport abstraction. I tested it on
Linux and all seems to be fine except thread safety. The module need to be tested on WIndows.

The Axis C++ server side fails to work with 100-continue. Axis Java is capable of managing
100-continue. This is the default mode used in LibWWW. I used a macro in to enable/disable
100-continue. (use -DHT_EXT_CONTINUE to enable or -UHT_EXT_CONTINUE to disable in AM_CPPFLAGS
setting) I observed that the transport is much faster when it is used without 100-continue.
However, to disable 100-continue, LibWWW need to be built with -–with-extension option (./configure

You do not need to bother about location of LibWWW headers and libraries, provided that you
have done the LibWWW installation properly. I have used libwww-config in the to
pick LibWWW specific settings.

Once you build the library, you could use it by specifying the location of the lib in $AXIS_HOME/axiscpp.conf


For more information on LibWWW please see


The thread test in tests/client/threadSafe fails with this implementation. Bit of surfing
lead me to, which says "LibWWW is
not posix thread safe but it uses a 'pseudo-thread' model based on non-blocking sockets and
interleaved IO." Bit of research is needed to figure out how to make this implementation thread
safe. It remains a TODO as of now.



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