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From "Sharanka Perera" <>
Subject Handler API issues
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2004 16:39:06 GMT

I'm working on a security handler for the Apache ws-fx project called wss4c.
I have two questions regarding the current handler API:

1. The API does not appear to make provisions to allow a handler to obtain
data from the client application. For instace, if the client were to pass an
username & password pair to the SOAP engine, the handler wouldn't be able to
get it. Ideally, this should be facilitated in the following manner-

String sProVal1 = pIMsg-getProperty("username");
String sProVal2 = pIMsg-getProperty("password");

Is it likely that this feature will be implemented any time soon?

2. When a handler gets data from a header block, instead of laboriously
parsing the resulting DOM tree, isn't it possible to simply "get" an
element, complex or otherwise, similar to what
"getHeaderBlock('element-name', 'namespace')" does? I don't think the
handler API provides this right now, but it would make a very useful
feature, IMHO, for future handler development efforts as well.



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