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From John Hawkins <>
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 15:49:12 GMT

Hi Folks,

Trying to get the latest code building on AIX.

The compiler I'm using is not understanding the CPPFlags but I know what to
set them to. My question is - if I change in the c directory
why are there other's in other directories (listed below) ->

# find . -name -print

I think what's happening is that when I run, configure is picking
up the files in the different directories. I don't want to
change the files for all these directories everytime I want to
build on a new platform so, what can we do? Why do we have all these files ?  Why not just have the one root file that
holds the flags for that platform?

thanks for any help (Ignorance plays a large part in my questions so bare
with me :-)

John Hawkins

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