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From John Hawkins <>
Subject Re:
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 08:19:17 GMT

OK, that's a start. I understand why we need a make file for each tree

However, I still need to change 8 files everytime I want to
port to AIX (or another platform with issues). That's not very portable.

Looking at my original listing I see the following configure files  (minus
the ones you've just removed)

> ./                                - the top level
> ./samples/client/                       - samples
> ./samples/client/testHandler/                 - samples
> ./samples/server/                       - samples
> ./src/server/handlers/global/testhandler1/    - handler
samples or tests?
> ./src/server/handlers/transport/testhandler2/ - handlers
samples or tests?
> ./src/wcg/                              - what is this ?
> ./src/xml/txpp/lib/                     - what is this?
> ./tests/                          - tests

Few observations -
Why do we have lots of different sample files - Surely we just need one for
the samples tree
Samples and/or tests seem be scattered throughout the code base?

I also need to understand why we don't have a more simple structure with
say a configure file for the following :

Alternatively we could have one big tree structure with say


then I could have one file at the top level?
If I wanted to build "all" I could or I could pick and choose which I

That would seem more logical to me and far more easy to maintain and port ?

I appreciate the code has "grown up" but I don't think that I'm way out of
line here am I?

what do people think?

John Hawkins

             11/06/2004 08:54          "Apache AXIS C Developers List"     
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              "Apache AXIS C                                       Subject 
             Developers List"          Re:                    

Hi John,
   Actuall following file are not needed. I removed them

In other cases they are there, so that beginning from that place Makefiles
can be generated seperately. For example you can goto samples/server and
generate configure file there to create all the Makefiles beginning from
that folder.

> Hi Folks,
> Trying to get the latest code building on AIX.
> The compiler I'm using is not understanding the CPPFlags but I know what
> to
> set them to. My question is - if I change in the c directory
> why are there other's in other directories (listed below) ->
> /home/hawkeye/axis12
> # find . -name -print
> ./
> ./samples/client/
> ./samples/client/testHandler/
> ./samples/server/
> ./samples/server/echoStringHeaderHandler/
> ./samples/server/interoptests/doclitbase/
> ./samples/server/interoptests/doclitgroupB/
> ./src/server/handlers/global/testhandler1/
> ./src/server/handlers/transport/testhandler2/
> ./src/wcg/
> ./src/xml/txpp/lib/
> ./tests/
> I think what's happening is that when I run, configure is
> up the files in the different directories. I don't want to
> change the files for all these directories everytime I want
> to
> build on a new platform so, what can we do? Why do we have all these
> files ?  Why not just have the one root file
> that
> holds the flags for that platform?
> thanks for any help (Ignorance plays a large part in my questions so bare
> with me :-)
> John Hawkins

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