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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject destructor macros in Gdefine.h (and AXISCALL)
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 10:53:03 GMT
Hi All,
    In include/axis/server/GDefine.h I see the following lines of code.

   105  #if defined (__GNUC__)
   106  #if __GNUC_VERSION__ > 30000
   107  #define AXISDESTRUCTOR void* unused; void AXISAPI(destructor,(APINOPARAMS))
   108  #else
   109  #define AXISDESTRUCTOR void* unused; void*unused1;
   110  void AXISAPI(destructor,(APINOPARAMS))
   111  #endif
   112  #else
   113  #define AXISDESTRUCTOR void AXISAPI(destructor,(APINOPARAMS))
   114  #endif
   115  #endif

What is the purpose of this code segment? Is line 110 correct, or should it be appended to
109? I get an error on line 110 when I compile this source on Rehat Advanced server 2.1

   BTW: I sent another question on GDefine macros earlier as well. Can we replace 
#define AXISCALL __attribute__((stdcall))
#define AXISCALL __attribute__((cdecl))
(in aother words why are we using stdcall and not cdecl? Any perticular reasons?)

   Would be of great help if someone could answer these.


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