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From Susantha Kumara <>
Subject Supporting stub classes functionality to C stubs
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 14:04:08 GMT
Hi all,

I am thinking of how I can improve the Axis code to provide C stubs the
newly added functionalities to C++ stubs through Stub base class.

For this I am going to write set of global functions thae correspond to
those in Stub base class.

But C stubs dont have any kind of intermediate objects that stores
specific information of the particular stub (endpoint, provider type,
soap version etc). Now we need to keep the header blocks and any client
application specific transport properties too. In case of C++ stubs
these information is stored in Stub base class. So to support this some
containers should be added to the Call class itself or wrap the Stub
class for C stubs.

So if we add similar set of containers to the call class to provide
those functionalities to C stubs, when the stubs are C++ both the stub
base class and call class will have those containers. 

So there are 2 ways to do this,

1. To move the containers from Stub class to call class.
2. To wrap Stub class too in the same way as the Call class is wrapped
for C stubs (please have a look at cbase interop client sample to see
how the Call class is wrapped by a struct Call.)

IMO the best is option 1 because it is not a matter if we have those
information in either stub base or call class. And I think the best
place to keep them is the Call class.

But the Stub class is supposed to be the intermediary interface (for C)
or base class (for C++) that exposes some of the functionalities of Call
class to tool generated stubs. So wrapping the Stub object too for C is
needed too.

So all these considered it might be difficult to provide these new
functionality for C stubs in the upcoming release 1.2 next week. But the
C stubs will work as in release 1.1.

I will try to come up with quick solution if possible.

Please give me your ideas, suggestions or any productive criticism ASAP.




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