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Subject Re: Build issues
Date Mon, 31 May 2004 12:18:56 GMT

> John Hawkins wrote:
>>we seem to be getting into some problems with the build at the moment.
>>Build stability is an issue if we are to direct people to just take the
>>latest drops. Do you have a regular automated build process? It doesn't
>>have to have tests attached just something that merely builds say, on the
>>hour every hour and has a log is good enough to verify that we can be
>> happy
>>to direct folks to the CVS source. We have a number of tools that can
>> help
>>you if you need them that allow you to extract from CVS to a machine and
>>build on a regular basis.
>>What do you think? It breaks my little 'ol heart to see people using
>> gSoap
> agreed. this process is way way too complicated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> here are my impressions after wasting 6+ hours on that and still failed!
> maybe automatic builds should be REQUIRED but who can automate builds
> out of CVS if there is so many manual steps!
> here is what are my impression - i have fresh version checked out from
> CVS and i have not expected it will be so complicated to build it ...
> something like 20+ steps (feels like hundreds of steps ...) to configure
> AXIS-C++? this is insaneley complicated  ..

Samisa has written a script file which build and test samples in one shot.
But that is for automated building and testing. It is not suitable for
building and testing while you develop. Yes we need to look more into
making the build process more easier. I feel that it is not a difficult
thing to make build process very easy and simple. Only somebody need to
attend to it.

> why on earth there is a separate autogen/runconfig for ws-axis/c,
> samples/client, and samples/server ?!

OK, now you have only one file to build all stuff.

> why configure script is not checked into CVS?! isnt it whole purpose of
> configure script to ease that process?

I thought that it is the old way of doing building. Since we write only and configure is generated by auto tools I thought that it is
not neccesary to put it in cvs.
If we are not to use GNU auto tools then we need to write a configure file
which tackle many platforms and put it into CVS.

> why not have configure to correclty set apache1/2, expat/xercesc/both in
> ./configure intead of manually hacking

Yes we need to that.

> why there are so many warnings when compiling sampleS?

Most of the code at sampels are generated ones. I think we eed to work on
wsdl2ws tool to remove them. But for the time being I think we need to
remove those warnings manually.

> it seems that SOAPTransportFactory::initialize() has hardcoded
> /usr/local/Axis/ so unless i change it i get this:

Yes this is still hard coded. it is supposed to read from the
configuration file. But still work is going on.

> thanks,
> alek
> --
> The best way to predict the future is to invent it - Alan Kay
> --
> The best way to predict the future is to invent it - Alan Kay



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