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Subject Re: Use of -DUSE_LTDL compile flag
Date Mon, 10 May 2004 11:54:15 GMT
    At some time back Axis C++ started using ltdl libraries as a way of
dynamic loading mechanism that is plat form independant among unixes.
But that gave problems in linux and now Axis C++ has given it up and
using dl libraries again.
I think it is better if people using Axis C++ on other unixes write the
corresponding code for dll loading in their platform on HandlerLoader


> I have been compiling the Axis C++ client on Linux (Red Hat 9), and have
> found the following:
> I had been experiencing problems when linking the WSLD2Ws generated client
> stubs, which I found could be resolved by removing -DUSE_LTDL from
> AM_CPPFLAGS in /src/engine/client/ and rebuilding the Axis C++
> Client.  Having made this change I was able to successfully build and
> execute the client.
> Should this file be modified back in CVS? or somehow modified to exclude
> this on certain variants of linux?  or something else?
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> Adrian Dick (

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