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From John Hawkins <>
Subject RE : fix for HTTP 1.1 chunking
Date Sun, 18 Apr 2004 12:46:50 GMT

Thanks for the buddy check Jean-Yves,

I'll continue to work on the 1024 bytes issue - thankyou.


John Hawkins,

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Hi John,

When I started on this project I looked for a way to have HTTP 1.1
chunked messages (and it is not so simple). I first concentrated my
efforts in the tooling so is the reason why the HTTP_1_0 macro was added.

Your code can will only work for responses less than 1024 bytes. For
HTTP 1.1 chunked message the client receiver should read messages by
chunked size fragments. The deserialization process read messages by
fragment of 1024 bytes (See operator >> in Channel.cpp). So your
implementation will failed for responses greater than 1024 bytes.

Another thing that make me confused if the test for chunked in the code:

if(pos = strLine.find("Transfer Encoding: chunked"))

I think that this code will be evaluating as true in every case. My WAS
return "Transfer-Encoding" not "Transfer Encoding" and pos=-1 if the
string is not found (so test is true).

For test cases I have already posted a week ago the test cases I used
with WAS. Look here:

Just use AxisBench.wsdl to show the failure (server side only return the
input parameter).



 >Hi folks,
 >fix for 1.1. chunking. This is not tested too hard, because I don't >have
 >many test cases. I would ask again - do we have any testsuite that I >can
 >get up and running easily. I like to run against WebSphere Application
 >server so Java services would be good :-) As this has not been tested
 >hard - can someone out there try it out too please?
 >cheers for now,
 >John Hawkins,

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