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Subject Re: client side log handling
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 04:58:10 GMT
Hi Istvan,

I have two suggestions about server deployment and client.
first the server
Axis C++ should install itself into a directory called for examples
axis-c-1-1 when you 'make install'. This folder is same as what we
currently copy into apache as Axis. In that way user need not copy folders
and mess with it.

Now the client
Actually you are correct in saying that we don't need any deployment
folder for client because there is no deployment. One option is that we
use an
environment variable to get the path for client logs.
But in the future when we have client side handlers where should we have the
client wsdd file?. In future there is possibility that there are handlers
which are not optional to the client engine. In that case we definitely
need that.
So I suggest that we have the following folder structure for the
axis-c-1-1 folder I mentioned earlier.

|          |
|           ----conf
|          |
|           ----libs
|          |
|           ----logs
|          |
|           ----webservices
|          |
|           ----handlers


> According to current Axis architecture, the location of the log file is
> read from axiscpp.conf by the axis engine. This is conceptionally wrong
> on the client side: the client must have a valid config (also specifying
> location of a server.wsdd) to avoid segfaults (I've previously sent a
> bug report about this).
> I think this should be changed: the client should not have such a config
> file since it does not have an Axis deployment directory at all. I'm not
> sure how it could be resolved. Maybe the best solution would be to
> specify the logfile in a parameter of the client programs. As an
> alternative, it could be stored in an environment variable.

> --
> regards
> Istvan

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