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From Chris J├Âlly <>
Subject Axis 1 and attachments with DIME
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2010 09:30:24 GMT
Hello all,

i want to use Axis (1.4 for compatibility reasons with old web services) 
with a web service running on an MS IIS which supports DIME. 

I have a c sharp code snippet from the documentation provided by the 
web service vendor on how to attach files as DIME attachments to the web
service call, but I have no idea how to attach the files using Axis.

c sharp snippet:

        public string AddDimeAttachments(ref ListBox lstFiles2, string mstrJobFolder)
            if (wSEVersion != WSEVersion._20)
                return null;

            WSASampleApp.localhost.exponentWSA oService = new WSASampleApp.localhost.toolWSA();
            oService.Timeout = 30 * 1000;

            DimeAttachment oAttach = null;
            string[] strFiles = new string[lstFiles2.Items.Count];
            int i = 0;

            //Attach the files
            foreach (string sFile in lstFiles2.Items)
                FileInfo oFileInfo = new FileInfo(sFile);

                oAttach = new DimeAttachment("text/plain", TypeFormat.MediaType, sFile);

                //Get files and load them into array
                strFiles[i] = oFileInfo.Name;

            Uri objURI = new Uri(mstrJobFolder);

            return oService.AddJobFilesAsAttachments(strFiles, objURI.AbsolutePath, "DIME");

Axis based Java code (somehow schematic...):

# get service
service = new ToolWSASoapStub(new URL("URL to web service"), null);
# get a job folder from IIS which should be used to store the attachments 
jobRemoteFolder = service.addJobFolder();

# ###
# ### something should attach the files as DIME attachments...
# ###

# transfer the files to the folder on the IIS...
String result = service.addJobFilesAsAttachments(fileNames, jobRemoteFolder, "DIME");



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