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From Mårten Gustafson <marten.gustaf...@gmail.com>
Subject Java: Programatic representation of schema validation errors?
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2017 13:00:54 GMT

I'm interested in programatically dealing with schema
incompatibilities but I've stranded on
ResolvingGrammarGenerator.generate(Schema, Schema).

For the case of two incompatible schemas to closest I've been able to get is...

Symbol symbol = new ResolvingGrammarGenerator().generate(writeSchema,

...which gives me something like...

"Found schema.Test, expecting schema.Test, missing required field id"

...but what I'd like is some programatic representation of the
incompatibility. Such as the Field, Schema and something telling me
what the problem was (i.e. the field is missing).

>From casually browsing the source code I can't see how this would be
possible today. Is this anything that has been considered?


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