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From "Rabe, Jens" <jens.r...@iwes.fraunhofer.de>
Subject AW: When using the SpecificWriter with .net, I get an exception when a referenced object in my schema is null
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2017 18:01:33 GMT
Hello again,

it turns out I was wrong in first place. I re-tested it in Scala and get the same error.

Gues I'll have to redesign the schema then to avoid the nulls.

Von: Rabe, Jens [mailto:jens.rabe@iwes.fraunhofer.de]
Gesendet: Montag, 16. Januar 2017 18:13
An: user@avro.apache.org
Betreff: When using the SpecificWriter with .net, I get an exception when a referenced object
in my schema is null

Hello Avro community,

I want to use my Avro serialized data with .net and I stumbled upon a strange problem. When
a record in my schema references another record, and I set it to null, when serializing this
in .net this throws an exception.

Here is what I did:

First, I created a simple protocol. This is my avdl file:


protocol SampleAvro {

record Sample {

  string foo;
  Sample bar;

Now, I generated C# classes out of it:

java -jar avro-tools-1.8.0.jar idl sample.avdl >sample.json

avrogen -p sample.json .

I then copied the .cs files into a project, and tried to serialize a sample object where the
"bar" reference is null:

        using(var ms = new MemoryStream()) {

            var sw = new SpecificWriter<Sample>(Sample._SCHEMA);

            sw.Write(new Sample { foo = "bar" }, new BinaryEncoder(ms));


I get the following exception: Record object is not derived from ISpecificRecord in field

When looking at the source code, this happens in the SpecificWriter.cs in the following method
(I made the relevant lines bold):

        protected override void WriteRecord(RecordSchema schema, object value, Encoder encoder)


            var rec = value as ISpecificRecord;

            if (rec == null)

                throw new AvroTypeException("Record object is not derived from ISpecificRecord");

            foreach (Field field in schema)




                    Write(field.Schema, rec.Get(field.Pos), encoder);


                catch (Exception ex)


                    throw new AvroException(ex.Message + " in field " + field.Name);




The "value as ISpecificRecord" returns null here because the reference is null. This is intended
in my schema, but throws an exception here.

Is this a bug or is this intended behavior, and either way, how should I work around this?
I need situations where the "bar" is null, and on the JVM/Scala side this is no problem and
working flawlessly.


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