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From "Jarrad, Ken " <ken.jar...@citi.com>
Subject RE: Avro as a foundation of a JSON based system
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2016 10:49:06 GMT
On my project we initially used JSON representation of Avro objects to allow human readability
of messages on Kafka topics. We abandoned this when we encountered inability to represent
NaN using the standard (Java) tool chain. We now use the binary representation/encoding. There
is a JSON parser factory property that can be relaxed to allow NaN but we did not attempt
this. Beware that sometimes NaN is encoded to JSON with quotes around it.
From: Elliot West [mailto:teabot@gmail.com]
Sent: 11 August 2016 11:23
To: user@avro.apache.org
Subject: Avro as a foundation of a JSON based system


We are building a data processing system that has the following required properties:

  *   Data is produced/consumed in JSON format
  *   These JSON documents must always adhere to a schema
  *   The schema must be defined in JSON also
  *   It should be possible to evolve schemas and verify schema compatibility
I initially started looking at Avro, not as a solution, but to understand how it schema evolution
can be managed. However, I quickly discovered that with its JSON support it is able to meet
all of my requirements.

I am now considering a system where data structure is defined using the Avro JSON schema,
data is submitted using JSON that is then internally decoded into Avro records, these records
are then eventually encoded back into JSON at the point of consumption. It seems to me that
I can then take advantage of Avro’s schema evolution features, while only ever exposing
JSON to consumers and producers. Aside from the dependency on Avro’s JSON schema syntax,
the use of Avro then becomes an internal implementation detail.

As I am completely new to Avro, I was wondering if this is a credible idea, or if anyone would
care to share their experiences of similar systems that they have built?

Many thanks,


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