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From Nicolas Ranc <rnc.nico...@gmail.com>
Subject Avro decoding - Access Values / Types
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2016 06:57:59 GMT
I'm using Avro c++ and i would like to decode files : access to values and
types of each variable.

I'm doing this with a lot of condition :

//For values
Json Value::val;
   IF val.isString()
            Add the next name in a vector ...

//For Types i do the same with a vector of vector of vector because each
type can be an array like //["int","null"]...

The problem is that i can have records with records with array... and i
think my solution doesn't work with a big file.

That's why i would like to use avro::Decode or avro::DataFileReaderBase to
access to all  values/types.

avro::DataFileReaderBase decode("test.bin");

With this i can put on my screen the json file.
Which functions i can use now to store/acces of each names (like
first_name, last_name) / types (like string) in my file ?


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