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From Nicolas Ranc <rnc.nico...@gmail.com>
Subject Probleme Avro C++ Deserialisation - Nicolas Ranc
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2016 08:54:24 GMT

I am working on a project about Serialization/Deserialisation using Avro
Java and Avro C++>

I start serializing a file from .JSON and .ascv using Avro Java into a
binary file : .avro file.
What i want to do now is to store schema - keys - values from this binary
file and to use them after in a matlab program to create new object with
these keys and values.
I've my avro file ("avroProgram2.avro"), i have made a little program to
recuperate schema, keys ("user_final.cpp") and i can access to datas with
the automatic file .hh generated by avrogen and use for example c::User C;
C.values[] ...
Ther final output : "record_final.txt"

But this way is no generical and i want to know what functions i can use to
better parse my file.

With just the binary .avro file, i would like to know what function can
find the schema and return it, if its possible to use a function for having
keys (in my case, i would like: name color number1 number2 number3 number4
), how i can access to datas (in the end of the file) without C.value1 ,
C.value2 ... but maybe with an array of value ?
And in a case i'm using more records, it's that possible to know how many
records there are in the file (information at the beginning of the avro
file) ?

Thanks for your understanding,

Nicolas Ranc

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