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From AFF Zerfos <arnaud.fau...@zerfos.systems>
Subject [AVRO C on STM32] AVRO_CURRENT_ALLOCATOR.alloc fails
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2015 18:21:41 GMT

I design connected objects and I am evaluating the use of AVRO on small 
platforms. I managed to compile AVRO C on ARM STM32 and newlib systems 

At run time, the avro allocation fails due to AVRO_CURRENT_ALLOCATOR 
which is not initialized. Setting up the debugged and doing some grep on 
the source code, I don't see any call to initialize the ALLOCATOR.

The following macro fails:
	  (((void *)0)), (0), (sizeof(st_table)))))

Shall I call allocator prior to starting my application program ? Is 
there a doc which explains how to initialize Avro C?
Any clue will be appreciated.

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