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From "Ziemer, Tom" <tom.zie...@wirecard.com>
Subject IDL annotation question
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2015 11:15:41 GMT
Hi everybody,

I am currently trying to add 3rd-party annotations to my avro-generated files. Looking at
this should be already implemented and working.

When adding javaannotation as property to my avsc files, it is picked up nicely and ends up
in the corresponding java class, yet when I add it to my IDL like

protocol Foo {
    record Bar {
         union {null, string} baz  = null;

the annotation (though not really sensible here) is not added to the generated class. What
am I missing?

avro-version: 1.7.7
classes are generated with avro-maven-plugin 1.7.7


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