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From Ashish Nigam <ashnigamt...@gmail.com>
Subject Generating code using mavin plugin for schema that has Date type
Date Tue, 26 May 2015 16:06:19 GMT
Here's what I did =

1) Using ReflectData, I generated schema for an existing Class that
java.util.Date as member variable.
2) Use avro-maven-plugin to generate classes from the schema generated
above, that can be used for serialization.

The real problem is that it generates its own instance of java.util.Date
As this class becomes part of classpath, all other classes that use
java.util.Date start throwing compilation error like this

 error: constructor Date in class Date cannot be applied to given types;

[ERROR]  actual and formal argument lists differ in length

It seems to be pretty basic issue that would have been resolved or have
some workaround. Any suggestions?

I am using 1.7.4 version of mavin plugin. Latest version also did not work.



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