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From Clément MATHIEU <clem...@unportant.info>
Subject How to clone and modify a Schema
Date Tue, 26 May 2015 13:12:18 GMT
Hello all,

I am wondering what is the easiest way to clone a Schema, then filter 
out, or add a property, to some of its fields ?

Basically, I am implementing something similar to avro-sorting, 
, but want to hack the Schema on the fly rather than having to rely on 
something like AvroDataHack.

     class MyBean {

       private String foo;
       private String bar;


     Schema schema = ReflectData.get().getSchema(MyBean.class);
     // Here I want to clone schema then filter out bar (add order:ignore 
to it)

I am mainly interested in supporting top level fields of a record, but 
not against a more comprehensive solution.



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