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From Pierre de Frém <theped...@hotmail.com>
Subject Schema default values in C++ implementation
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2015 19:33:03 GMT
I'm using the avro c++ api (1.7.8) to serialize/deserialize avro files.
The schema I want to use is the following:
    "name": "cpx",
    "type": "record",
    "fields": [
        {"name": "numbername", "type": "string"},
        {"name": "re", "type": "double"},
        {"name": "im", "type": "double", "default": 0}     ]
}I try to write programmatically the schema above in c++ in the following way:
#include <avro/Schema.hh>

static avro::Schema getMySchema() {    avro::RecordSchema node0("cpx");
    {        avro::Schema node1 = avro::StringSchema();        node0.addField("numbername",
node1);    }    {        avro::Schema node1 = avro::DoubleSchema();        node0.addField("re",
node1);    }    {        avro::Schema node1 = avro::DoubleSchema();        node0.addField("im",
node1);    }
    return node0;}
Then I write the file using something like:
avro::DataFileWriter<ObjAvro> pDfw_m = new avro::DataFileWriter<ObjAvro>(filename_p,
                       new avro::ValidSchema(getMySchema());
const ObjAvro& avro_l = ...

The problem is that the schema at the top of the output file created is different tothe input
schema. It looks like:
    "name": "cpx",
    "type": "record",
    "fields": [
        {"name": "numbername", "type": "string"},
        {"name": "re", "type": "double"},
        {"name": "im", "type": "double"}     ]
Is there a way to specify the default values directly in the c++ code above (in the method
(So that the schema of my output file will match the one of my input file.)
After a look in the source code, I see where the defaultAttributes are stored for a record
node, and what the method .addField does.
The method addField adds the name of the leaf to the Node member leafNameAttributes_ and the
leaf to the Node member leafAttributes_, but I can't see a simple way to add default values
to the NodeRecord member defaultValues (NodeImpl.hh).
Thanks in advance.
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