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From Alexander Zenger <a.zen...@cetec.cc>
Subject check for required fields
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2015 08:34:49 GMT

it seems to me that Avro does not check if non optional fields are present.
My schema looks like this:

   "namespace": "azen.avro.person",
   "type": "record",
   "name": "Person",
   "fields": [
     {"name": "id",   "type": "int"},
     {"name": "number",   "type": "double"},
     {"name": "name", "type": "string"},
     {"name": "email",  "type": ["string", "null"]},

If I ommit setting the value for id or number, it works and on deserialization
a null value ist set automatically.
If I omit the value for name, an nullpointer exception is thrown.

Is there a way to check if the "required" fields are all set?


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