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From Douglas Creager <doug...@creagertino.net>
Subject Re: Bus error when run the Avro C in multithreaded application
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2015 21:02:29 GMT
> Each thread is writing to a different file and also builded the avro c
> library with DTHREADSAFE=true option but still seeing the issue.

Does each thread have its own copy of all of those variables?  In part
of your snippet it looks like they belong to a wrapper struct called
`av`, but later on you're using them directly.  You'll want to make sure
that each thread has its own copy of everything, so that the threads
don't clobber each other.

Looking at the stack trace, the `writer` parameter in frame 0 looks
awfully wonky, which is what leads me to believe that the
avro_file_writer_t instances are getting clobbered somehow.

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